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Names: Smiles

Species: Orca

Origin: ?????

Loves: laying in the sun, getting pets, adventures, Popcorn

Dislikes: Small spaces, being alone, Spicy food, Kites


Although difficult to see at first, once he starts to come into focus the first thing you'll notice is his enchanting smile. Named for this flair of his visual demeanor, Smiles the ghost orca whale is always happy to see you! Lulu was very clever when she named him after the smiley shaped birthmark adorning his back. Ever since their fateful encounter, Smiles follows Lulu everywhere. This orca has loyalty down to a T. Smiles loves attention as much as his love for time to himself, and will greet everyone he has the chance to before snuggling up somewhere. Alert, slightly skittish and a bit of a worrier, Smiles knows how to be a hero when he needs. You can usually find Smiles at the foot of Lulu's bed, rolling around in the sand or trying to find the biggest stick on the beach. Smiles also has a knack for finding things that others lost, and especially likes to keep everyone together. Occasionally we catch him trying to round up every seagull on the beach.

Be sure when you meet to give him a scratch on his dorsal fin, he'll appreciate it. He secretly knows a ton of tricks, but he doesn't like being asked to do them. If you show him patience and respect, I'm sure he'll break one out for you when he's ready.

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