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Make sure to check our "Frequently asked questions" below to see if you can find your answer. If not, give us a shout.

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  • Why are your collections only available for Pre-Order?
    You'll find that many of our seasonal releases are done by pre-order only. To help make our carbon footprint on this earth smaller and eliminate waste, we only want to supply what is purchased. Sometimes we end up with extra that will be on our wbsite, otherwsie you can find repeat sales of previous collections at our conventions.
  • How will I know when your special collections release?
    Be sure to subscribe to our email list. We will always send out emails when our newest collections are available. You can also follow us on social media.
  • How do your Pre-orders work?
    Our pre-orders open for limited time. We release different collections between 1-4 months. Once pre-orders are open, we place our order by the end of each week on a friday until the last day pre-orders are open. This means if you place a pre-order on a Tuesday, we order it the following Friday. As soon as the pre-orders arrive to use, we ship them to you the very next day we can. Pre-orders can take up to a month to arrive, so don't be scared if your order doesn't arrive right away. You will receive an e-mail with your tracking number when it has been shipped to you. If you placed a pre-order with us that includes items we have in stock, they will all ship when the pre order arrives. If you would like your in stock items sooner, we recommend placing a seperate order for each under different shipping.
  • Will you ever re-release an older collection?
    We may, we may not. It's best to keep an eye on social media and our emails if we do. Some collections may get a "Second or Third edition" release.
  • The shop says you are on Holiday. What does that mean?
    When we post on our pages that we are on "Holiday", it means we are currently not fullfilling orders or shipping for the duration of the holiday. The shop resumes after holiday is over.
  • I have not recieved my product, what should I do?"
    Send us am E-mail with your info within 4 days, and we will figure out what happened to your package.
  • Help! My clothes don't fit!
    No Problem. Contact us through e-mail. Mail it back within 4 days of purchase, and we can get the right size if we have it in stock as long as the clothing is in proper condition when returned.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Yes we do, please refer to our "Refund Policy" above for more info
  • Do you offer exchanges?
    Yup! Send us an e-mail, if we happen to have the size you need in stock we would be happy to get you the right size. Pre-order items may not be in stock to fulfill, but our current available products might. Shipping charges may apply.
  • Do you attend conventions?
    We sure do! Subscribe to our e-mail list for our next conventions. You can also find out about them on our various social media platforms. We even offer special exclusive products at cons, and we love to see you!
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