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Name: Molli

Species: Lobster

Origin: Boston

Loves: Crabs, meditation, sunsets, sushi

Dislikes: Loud noises, hot water, Deep Water


A crab? No, not quite. Despite her deepest wish, Molli is actually a lobster. Calm and collective, Molli is always looking out to keep everyone safe. Surprisingly, she finds the sun to be slightly irritating, which is why you can usually find her relaxing under an umbrella. She’ll always brave leaving the shade for a dip in the ocean, though. Trained as a lifeguard since youth, Molli has become an excellent swimmer. Although she won't admit it, she is one of the best around. Even off-duty, you can count on her protection if you remain in her sight. With giant claws for braids she has a few extra hands to assist her in enforcing beach safety.

When the sun is completely down and all of the stars are reflecting against the smooth glass of a calm ocean, Molli can be found on her roof enjoying the view with her favorite boba.

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