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Milo & Mila


Names: Milo & Mila

Species: Cephalopod

Origin: Cape Town, South Africa

Loves: Colors, dancing, reading, coconuts, storms

Dislikes: Wasting time, frigid temperatures, sponges


These two insisted we introduce them both, together. Although both are made of ink, one is an octopus and the other a squid, somehow they make it work. Milo is smart and punctual, while Mila is artistic and innovative. Both are very hard working and easy going. Milo spends his time reading books, sailing, and trying to learn as much as he can to try and create a better ocean for everyone. Mila can be found in the morning creating work in all sorts of mediums till the sun goes down. Not an expert in any one discipline, she prefers to spread herself in whatever direction she chooses. She is highly energized by the company of others and has spun this into a passion for imparting wisdom and a career for teaching. The two dream of one day opening an undersea center for educating the sea populace and advancing all of seakind, even spectral. A day with these two consists of being bombarded with facts from Milo before being whisked and whipped into a creative frenzy by Mila. Milo's room is basically a library, whereas Mila's room looks more like a modern art museum. Their appearance being fluid based, these two are able to shape and mold  themselves into anything imaginable and push their minds to do the same. If you're looking for a resourceful, upbeat, and knowledgeable crew, keep these two by your side.

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