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Lulu "Ghost Girl"


Name: Lulu

Species: Ghost

Origin: ????

Loves: Anime, Surfing, Friends, Lo-Fi, Tacos, Whales, Video Games, Plants

Dislikes: Heights, littering, Burnt Food,

Have you met her? Lulu is our fun-loving, care free, vegetarian, beach girl. She enjoys long floats on the beach, surfing, relaxing, and anime. Oh right! ...she's a ghost, and the perfect symbol for our brand! Lulu embraces everything we love: surfing, relaxing, and anime. Sure, her entire head of hair is a sentient monster with a mouth full of teeth and she’s terrified of heights, but in the end we look the other way and tell our customers she is perfect. Just kidding! She always has a smile on and her friends mean everything to her. 

Make sure the next time you see her to give her Orca buddy named スマイル (Smile) a pet on the head. 

Just don't drop your garbage on her beach. You do not want a rude introduction with her hair!

Also, stay clear of Lulu on any friday the 13th!

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