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Name: Cora

Species: Coral

Origin: The Great Barrier Reef

Loves: Fashion, Hair Styles, Accessories, Surfing, Flowers

Dislikes: Anchors, Big Waves, Sea gulls


Cora is, as many of you may have guessed, made of coral! She takes pride in her ability to change up her hairstyles. Cora has a deep love of fashion and anything sparkly or bright. She is the oldest, closest friend of Lulu. She enjoys finding treasures within the sands and being the life of the party. Cora is always up for positive vibes. She can be a little hostile in the face of rudeness, but is always open to making someone feel extra special. Strong, fierce, and full of personality, a day out with Cora is a guaranteed good time. A loyal friend who won't let you down.

She happens to be the most up to date with the latest trends, and knows everyone who visits the beach. She has a deep admiration for the delicacy and beauty of flowers, and wishes she could grow some in her hair someday.

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