Coats are Unisex sizes.


We got you covered! (By water of course)

This Raincoat is fully waterproof. It will reach an inch above the ground on someone who is 5'5''. Coat features an adjustable hood, the sound of rain in japanese text printed on the front, and some printed freinds to keep you company. It is lightweight, making it easy to wear over clothing.


Made from 100% Taffeta Fabric, Images are printed directly on to fabric, making cleaning easy and fabric long lasting.


Downpour Days Rain coat (Front and Back)

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    • Size      Length     Bust     Shoulder      Sleeve
    • S               26''         40''            17''                26''
    • M              28''         44''            18''                27''
    • L               28''         48''            19''                27''
    • XL            30''         52''            20''                28''