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Name: Ami

Species: Manta Ray

Origin: Ishigaki, Japan

Loves: Jellyfish, the sun, naps, ice cream, dresses

Dislikes: Waking up early, getting yelled at, String beans


Who’s tha-...wait, be quiet, I don't think Ami is awake yet. Early mornings are not her thing. Water games, picnics, naps, and sitting in the sun, however, are definitely her thing. This manta always looks sleek in her loose fitting clothes sitting on a colorful tube in the water until it's time to eat. Did we mention she loves food? Sweets, specifically! Ami is happy to be sensitive. Small things can set her water works to run, but it's pretty easy to cheer her up again. Her fun loving, young spirit is contagious. She can be ditzy and spastic, but she looks so darn cute when she does that we all forgive her.

Be sure when you hang out to bring extra cookies and cakes, the gleam in her eyes when she smells them will be worth it. If you think you have the chops of entering the sand castle contest, be warned, Ami’s specialty is sand castles. We find this amazing as she doesn't have any fingers.

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