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All hands on deck when problems arise!

Our crew has a trick up their sleeves. Each member of Ghost Boat has sworn to protecting the beach from any dangers, natural disasters or...*Gulp* Giant monsters! Scroll below to find out each of their transformations and ships. When times get tough, they combine into the giant mech,

Ghost Guard!

Is there a hurricane approaching? Maybe someone is lost at sea? Has there been talk of giant fins? Rest assured the lighthouse beacon will flash, and they will be on their way!

Meet our Heroes


The lighthouse beacon is flashing. What could that mean?


Hoping to have a good time, instead the crew's beach day was ruined by storms on the shoreline. Although Cora is particularly fond of this weather, the rest of the team began packing up, hoping tomorrow's weather is better. But, between the flashes of lightning and crashing of swells, they spotted a signal they knew all too well. The lighthouse beacon meant that their help was in need. Quickly drying themselves off, Ami's wet eyelids included, they headed towards the signal with speed. Clearly whatever this is, it's no ordinary storm.


Once they were all gathered at the lighthouse's base, they each grabbed for their whistle, there was no time to waste.

For if even a second was lost it could have a dire result, for the creatures and beaches and all of Ghost Boat.

With a heavy breath in, all six sounded their whistles in choir, although Lulu's sound was pitched slightly higher.


The salty air fills with the whistle's cheer,
transforming each Ghost Boat friend into awesome "Phantom Response Team Gear"

Beginning with Mila, the team's samurai,
With the will of a mountain, and a warrior's eye.

Training, since she was young, everyday,
Some might even say she's a bit of a yandere.


Next is Ami doing a playful dance,
lost in thought and full of romance.

A beautiful triton she wields with grace
try not to get caught in its deadly embrace.

Controlling the waves and the water is key
a true master of waterworks, both emotion and sea.


With baited breath,
Milo waits; his cast is set.

Reeling in troubled swimmers,
Whose splashes ruin the ocean's shimmer.

These are always the best catch of the day,
Making sure all beachgoers are doing okay.


Molli, swift, smooth and calm,
Like wind brushes through leaves of the palm.

Armed with scythe, she waits along the shore,
she swings one time, but once for sure.

Small and fragile as she looks,
you won't even notice when she hooks.



The booming sound echoes for miles,
As does her edgy, and sly, salty smile.

No walls, nor waves, can hold her back,
Sturdy and strong, it's Cora's time to attack.

Standing tall when the situation is dire,
The match hits the fuse, its time to fire!


The stormy sea's most benevolent ghost
Her watchful eyes always searching the coast.

Harpoon on her hip and her arms crossed in tight.
Lulu's ready to fight when the beacon is bright.

The leader of the Ghostboat crew,
The beaches stay safe thanks to these brave haunted few.


Waves crash like they are going to war,
as the six crew members reach the lighthouse door.

From out in the sea comes a horrible screech,
not before long, the cause will breach the beach

Something quite large is home to these cries,
but what's found in the lighthouse is equal in size.


The colossal fish showed up ready to fight
The crew's ships had trouble dodging its fins and its bite.

The beast bellowed out its fish soul with a roar
The sound of which echoed across the sea floor

Their small ships were tossed around by this fearsome dreadnought.
One trick left up their sleeve, to form a robot!

To Br Continued...

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